Gourmet Preserves
in Bally, PA

Bethlehem Farmer's Market-Campus Square, Bethlehem
Macungie Farmer's Market


Alternating between Malvern Farmers Market &
Downingtown Farmer's Market as well as other events & festivals

Farmers Market Schedule

Fresh from Farms

to Your Table 

Locally owned &
Locally operated

‚ÄčExperience what Freshness tastes like! 

At Old Mill Gourmet, we strive for the best product.  All of our ingredients are hand picked at their peak of ripeness. They are minimally processed to give you best tasting results each time. We offer a large amount of items such as gourmet preserves which are handmade in Bally, PA.  Other items include Pure Maple Syrup,  Argentine Chimichurri and more that arrive different times of year, so there is always something that has just been harvested.