At Old Mill Gourmet, we strive for the best product. 
All of our ingredients are hand picked at their height of ripeness. They are minimally processed to give the best tasting results each time. We offer a variety of items that come at different times of year, so there is always something that has just been harvested.
At the end of Winter, we begin the production of Maple Syrup.  This season lasts for about 6 weeks, creating a very tasty product.  .
During the Spring, we hike into the deep forest of the Catskill Mountains and begin the harvesting of our very own Wild Leeks.  From soup to salad, these Wild leeks can be implemented in any recipe or replanted in your neck of the woods.  We also carry our original Pickled Leeks. They  are especially delectable and one of our best sellers.
In the Summer, the berries are out and so are the bears.  We literally are following the bears' path to find the sweet and tart Raspberries, Blackberries, Elderberries and Thimbleberries.  Bite for bite, these berries are perfect in every way.  We also go out and visit our local farms and find the best Strawberries and Peaches among others to go into our delicious Jelly and Jam
As the leaves begin to Fall, so do the apples.  Again, we visit the community to find the perfect apples to make the best tasting Apple Butter
Old Mill Gourmet
135 S 5th St
Bally, PA 19503
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