Thimbleberries in August

First Maple Sap Drops in March

Fast forward three years and after a lot of research and building, the certified kitchen was finished and  inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture in December 2010.  From 2011 to 2013,  she attended local farmers markets and craft shows selling her gourmet preserves made in Bally, PA, as well as pure NY maple syrup and Wild Ramp products while building a client base. 

In Winter of 2013, a conversation leading to action occurred when her husband had an idea about a smoothie business.  Still utilizing fruit and minimal ingredients but offering a refreshing drink instead.  In May 2014, OMG Smoothies was born and hit many farmer's markets, festivals and private events throughout the season making it an instant hit. 

Today both Old Mill Gourmet and OMG Smoothies are still running and wondering what else the future will hold.

Maria King, owner and operator of Old Mill Gourmet officially started back in 2010, but an idea sparked a few years before then.

Around 2007, she was working at a local hospital and would experiment with different food items just for fun and would bring them in for her co-workers to try.  Some were baked goods, meals  and some were jams and jelly.  The jams and jellies were unique enough to spark conversation.   Most were made with local and wild ingredients, such as Mulberry fruit and flowers such as Violet, Honeysuckle and Dandelion.  Some  were made with ingredients like Raspberry, Blackberry and Thimbleberry that were handpicked from their family's cabin in upstate NY. 

After many compliments, some suggested to start selling these items. 

Family Cabin in Upstate NY

Our History

Wild Ramps in May